Why ROC matters, not P/E ratio

With regards to value investing approach, a majority of financial articles published in the top financial papers/magazines tell you to find and invest in undervalued stocks that have fallen the most, and currently have low P/E ratios. Retail investors are bombarded with information on low P/E stocks trading in the market and available at significantContinue reading “Why ROC matters, not P/E ratio”

Covid 19 Effect on Stock Market

The past couple of weeks in the financial markets was a testimony to the fundamentals of investing and my belief in them . Until Feb 2020, investors were enjoying a long period of bull ride resulting into significant regular monthly investments in the equity mutual funds/ high performing stocks which had maintained a track recordContinue reading “Covid 19 Effect on Stock Market”

What is ‘Sanity in Insanity’

In today’s world, information is aplenty. With the explosion of content on internet , significant personal stories of success in specific fields are available for everyone to read. They range from ideas to succeed in workplace, be a star performing fitness athlete , be socially active and likeable, making travel as your profession, working remotelyContinue reading “What is ‘Sanity in Insanity’”