Utilising Lockdown to sharpen investment strategy

Covid-19 lockdown provided me sufficient time and mental peace to rethink the approach in life, my philosophies and the fundamentals I believe in. This naturally extended to reviewing my investing skills and principles, wherein I got to objectively relook at my successes/failures, and assess my decision- making approach . I am grateful to be ableContinue reading “Utilising Lockdown to sharpen investment strategy”

Life is a Test Cricket

I have always been a big fan of Test Cricket and despite the fading popularity it currently faces now, it has given me the best memories of my childhood and continue to provide me wisdom and guidance on my journey in life . The most exciting part of a test cricket is when a newContinue reading “Life is a Test Cricket”

Averaging-out Investment Principle

Auto-Investing same amount of money on a monthly basis is touted as one of the best strategies to average the buying cost. However, I was always a bit skeptical in the above principle, especially during the times when the markets are inflated in valuation . Almost all of the articles published on internet justify theContinue reading “Averaging-out Investment Principle”

Why ROC matters, not P/E ratio

With regards to value investing approach, a majority of financial articles published in the top financial papers/magazines tell you to find and invest in undervalued stocks that have fallen the most, and currently have low P/E ratios. Retail investors are bombarded with information on low P/E stocks trading in the market and available at significantContinue reading “Why ROC matters, not P/E ratio”

Covid 19 Effect on Stock Market

The past couple of weeks in the financial markets was a testimony to the fundamentals of investing and my belief in them . Until Feb 2020, investors were enjoying a long period of bull ride resulting into significant regular monthly investments in the equity mutual funds/ high performing stocks which had maintained a track recordContinue reading “Covid 19 Effect on Stock Market”

What is ‘Sanity in Insanity’

In today’s world, information is aplenty. With the explosion of content on internet , significant personal stories of success in specific fields are available for everyone to read. They range from ideas to succeed in workplace, be a star performing fitness athlete , be socially active and likeable, making travel as your profession, working remotelyContinue reading “What is ‘Sanity in Insanity’”