What is ‘Sanity in Insanity’

In today’s world, information is aplenty. With the explosion of content on internet , significant personal stories of success in specific fields are available for everyone to read. They range from ideas to succeed in workplace, be a star performing fitness athlete , be socially active and likeable, making travel as your profession, working remotely etc. While we, the millennials, regularly read tons of such ideas, we are unable to apply almost 99% + of them in real life. They look motivating and inspiring at the moment you are reading, but not powerful enough to retain and impractical to apply in our personal circumstances.

It is easy to write about ” F**K your job ” or “Live Independently” on your terms, when you are earning a good income as a freelancer or blogger, but not so much for a regular employee or when you are in debt with a mortgage. It is very easy to be calm , composed and sane when you are on vacation lying around beachside or pool. It is easier to be an athlete when your profession is fitness. It is relatively easier to be an investor , when you do it full-time. It is easy to be ethical till the time you haven’t been exposed to an ethical dilemma.

The Sanity in each aspect of life lies in activity, not idleness. It is during daily intense activities we tend to lose calmness, peace of mind and build-up frustration. It is easier to feel good reading articles on philosophy, but difficult to remain the same once you go back in real world.

As stated in Bhagavad Gita, the real test of a man’s character is in his ability to stay sane during intense chaos that we experience in our daily lives . This is essentially what I mean by “Sanity in Insanity”. For example- It is our ability to remain sane during intense work pressures. It is our ability to remain sane when things don’t go as per plan or our desires . It is our ability to be a good decision maker and be true to your value system, in such situations of intense activities. If you are having tough time at work, it is not about taking a year off (from work and away from family) to travel the world and get to know yourself. It is not about escaping the situation and consciously ignoring the issues , but consciously act sane and find peace while facing the challenges at hand. Sanity in Insanity is about behaving and acting sane in all such situations. It is about continuing to be a loving parent , spouse and a rational human being every day of life.

In this article, I am not suggesting that we should accept all situations in our lives and try not to change our circumstances, but rather consciously act sane in all environments or situations. We should recognise that a noble person behaves and acts with utmost sanity in even insane , and chaotic environments. We should understand and appreciate that the environment we live in will always be chaotic and some of the elements will be beyond our control. However, as a rational human being, we should act sane and display tranquility in all situations . Then and only then, we can take the right and rational steps to change some aspects of our lives that lie within our power.

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